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Super Mario Run is a free endless running video game for mobile devices. Designed by Nintendo, this game requires Mario enthusiasts to reach a flagpole at each level in the six worlds — where each world consists of four levels. While running and jumping through the worlds and dodging obstacles, this running game offers a different set of challenges with varying modes. Players have to control Mario as it runs automatically — unlock new characters in the Toad Rally by collecting Toads and your Mario runs towards the flagpole.

With its colorful and high-quality graphics, Super Mario Run is addictive and fun for all types of age groups. The game has a lot of content that enables Mario fans to explore the various levels for hours without getting bored. While running in the game, players can collect coins to spend in the game shop to customize their favorite character, Mario, like never before. All in all, Super Mario Run is a great value addition to the Mario series for mobile devices since its release in 2016. Get ready to collect new characters and embrace victory in the levels by downloading Super Mario Run on your Android or iOS mobile device today!

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