Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail

Version: 2.1.0

Updated: July 22, 2023

Size: 2.8G


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Get ready to jump upon the Astral Express in newest addition to the HoYoverse out-of-the-world fantasy RPG collection, Honkai: Star Rail! Embark on a thrilling journey through galaxies that are flooded with adventures and secrets. Every stop promises to bring challenges you have never seen before.

Honkai: Star Rail is a turn-based game where players can explore unbelievable worlds like an entire planet stuck in winter forever! Each character comes with their own Elemental description. In turn, this decides their moves, strengths and weaknesses.

But an Elemental category is not the only defining feature for characters. Each character has a separate path to follow. These paths link your characters to Aeons. And this decides your character’s specialized role in the team.

Worried about running into unbeatable bosses and enemies? There is no need! While maps and enemies are randomly generated; these work keeping your trailblaze levels in mind. The higher your trailblaze level, the stronger the battles. And as a result, you will receive greater prizes.

And players can always boost their character’s stats and skills through Traces. Traces is an upgrade system where users can use collected materials found in the Calyx to enhance a character’s power.

With hidden surprises and unexpected objectives waiting for you to arrive: Are you ready to uncover the reality behind the galaxies you visit?

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