Whiteout Survival


Whiteout Survival

Version: 1.18.6

Updated: July 22, 2023

Size: 719.8  MB


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The freezing apocalypse is the setting for Whiteout Survival which has fascinated gamers throughout the globe.Whiteout Survival harbors a program of hidden legends far beyond the usual myths you have met before, each having unique abilities that can change the tides of battle in your favor. Not all the treasure claims have been found in this inhospitable land where many have endured before us. Seek out such elusive legends and unlock their fascinating powers to give yourself an edge over adversaries.

Survival in Whiteout Survival goes far deeper than just simple resource management and base building. Unearth advanced technologies from deep within this game’s tech tree that can alter how your city functions. From innovative defense systems to groundbreaking ways of collecting resources, these changes will help take your city to new heights of strength. Whiteout Survival is not only about individual survival; it involves creating alliances and working together towards conquering frozen wastelands. Understand alliance diplomacy, excel at negotiation and cooperation to create a mighty force capable of withstanding any test.

The icy wastes of Whiteout Survival have further mysteries beyond what one may initially see there. Unveil secret maps as you plunge into uncharted territories where useful items might be accidentally obtained while seeking out long-lost relics that would offer your vast power. Weather conditions is an important key component in Whiteout Survival’s hostile climate patterns but they can also serve your own purposes if well harnessed by you alone! Find out how weather prediction works and control these conditions to gain an advantage over rivals during fights and resource acquisition.

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