Royal Match

Royal Match

Version: 2.594.524

Updated: July 22, 2023

Size: 98 MB


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Royal Match is a free mobile game dominating the 3-match puzzle genre and is based on the theme of a kingdom, which excites its existing fan base. Being the king of puzzle games, this game requires players to solve puzzles in the Royal Arena and help King Robert decorate his castle. There are various areas that you can focus on while restoring the castle, making it one of a kind to boast about it in your friends’ group. With outstanding graphics, interactive gameplay, and the adventurous experience it offers, Royal Match will take you on a journey of solving puzzles for fun while earning lucrative in-game prizes, such as coins. Players can consider using in-game purchases or buying more virtual currency to enhance their gaming experience.

With Royal Match, you can enjoy countless levels to help King Robert restore his castle to attain its former glory — where the multiplayer option helps you proceed in the game as a team. There are remarkable rewards and benefits that you can enjoy by completing bonus levels and taking advantage of the ongoing in-game events. Dive into the kingdom world with Royal Match by installing this marvelous game on your Android or iOS mobile device today!

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