Brawl Stars

 Brawl Stars

Version: 55.236

Updated: July 22, 2023

Size: 1.1 GB


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Welcome aboard Brawl Stars! This is where the thrill of fast multiplayer matches meets demure strategies to create a captivating game that everyone will love. Supercell has ensured that it combines elements from MOBA and battle royale games hence guaranteeing a memorable 3v3 face-off.

The game lets users choose a brawler to go up against other fighters. Each brawler comes with their own special attacks and features. From cowboys to robots, there is a brawler out there for everyone! But these are not available to use that easily! New fighters can be purchased through the shop or unlocked in the trophy road. Players can also test their luck with brawl boxes. Upon winning matches, a player will progress through the trophy road. In turn, this will give them better rewards.


Form a team with your friends or be a lone wolf — There are tons of game modes you can choose. Game modes range from players having to compete to collect gems to football-esque experiences where teams try to score two goals. But that’s not all! Players can also take part in Heists, Siege and several limited time events, too. And do not worry about being matched with overpowered players. Thanks to the matchmaking system, you’ll only lock horns with other gamers at your trophy level. So, what are you waiting for? Pick your brawler and dive straight into the action packed world of Brawl Stars to prove your worth!

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