Toca Boca World

Toca Boca World

Version: 1.87.1

Updated: July 22, 2023

Size: 648.4 MB


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Welcome aboard Toca Boca World—an extraordinary game designed to fire up everyone’s imagination! No matter the age, be it an adult or a child, this game beckons you to plunge into a world brimming with limitless escapades. Prepare yourself for journeys filled with excitement around every corner—our vibrant universe awaits you! In this game, you create your own world. Are you ready to create stories that have never been told before? With 11 different locations available for free, players mix and match features to create a unique life for their characters.

What is something that you dreamt about doing? Live your life like Gordon Ramsay in a busy restaurant? Explore the deepest points of the ocean as a marine biologist? You can let your characters live that live and so a whole lot more! But why stop there? Combine your characters with different items and pets and create combinations that you would have never expected to see in real life. And if you ever get tired of the characters available, open the game every Friday for a free reward! You never know what you might get. If you cannot wait for another Friday to pass by, then make your way over to the shop. Here, you can find hundreds of items to add to your unique life.

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