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Updated: July 22, 2023

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Welcome to the Game Township, a very joyful game which allows gamers to establish their own town starting from scratch. Township is an amazing video game by Playrix that merges urban development with farming thus enabling players to control their prospering community.In Township, players start from nothing but a small plot of land. The goal for players is to produce raw materials and then process those to provide a lot of different goods. As a result, these goods are used to develop your dream town.

Prepare yourself for earning some money out of your farm and buildings to realize your dreams as regards buildings. Open a canteen or a clinic- it’s up to you! What are the things you wish to put up in your dream city?But Township is not just about creating the perfect town; it is a lot more than that! It is also about creating your own community. Trade with friends and team up to fulfill challenges and win even better rewards. Need inspiration for your town? Just head over to your friends’ towns and look for some!

As players produce more goods, they will progress through more levels. Each new level brings new features allowing players to add fascinating new structures to their dream town.

So, grab your shovel and start working on your field. Your dream town awaits you!

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