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Among Us is an exceptional and very popular social deduction game. The idea here is that you have crewmates on the board of a ship, and your focus is to try and keep as many people alive while also completing tasks. Once you complete all the tasks, you win the game. However, within those crewmates, there are anywhere from 1 to 3 impostors, based on the game setup.

The role of impostors is to try and kill everyone while stopping them from completing their tasks. But they will mask as crewmates and kill the other crewmates while they are alone. Among Us is one of those games that can be very hard to master, especially if you are an impostor. Here are some tips for both crewmates and impostors in Among Us!

Crewmate tips

Try to stick with your other crewmates

One of the best Among Us tips and tricks you can use is to always stick with other people. That will make it very difficult for impostors to try and kill someone without others seeing anything. Sticking together and completing tasks will increase the chances of survival. Once you go rogue, the chances of being caught and killed by an impostor will increase drastically.

Learn the map layouts and task locations

Learning the map is pivotal if you want to be successful in Among Us. You want to know where the tasks are located so you can reach them with ease. That alone will help you speed up task completion while allowing impostors less time to eliminate other players. Every map has a different layout, so playing each map dozens of times will help quite a bit since you get more accustomed to it. Speaking of that, if you see that a specific task needs more attention, then complete it. A good example would be electrical tasks; sometimes, there are 2-3 tasks in a single location.

Understand the map and task mechanics

Each map also has its own mechanics. For example, the Airship has a floating platform. Also, every map will have a variety of task types. Some of them require you to connect items; others will need players to press buttons in a certain order, etc. Learn how to complete these tasks quickly, as it will help speed up the process.

Study your surroundings

We always recommend assessing your surroundings and for a very good reason. You want to be aware of what is happening near you. In some cases, you might even witness the impostors trying to switch to another crewmate’s color, or maybe you can see them using vents. Being aware of your surroundings is also a crucial part of the game.

Impostor tips

Have an alibi

Obviously, you need to make sure that people see you at all times. The reason behind that is it will give you a very good cover. Without an alibi, people will suspect you more. But if others can vouch for you, then it’s a lot harder for anyone to suspect you as an impostor. You can stick with a few people in the beginning, find a few victims and eliminate them, then go back to a group. Make sure that you maintain a very good cover.

Crowd kills

Ideally, you want to do a crowd kill with other impostors. Eliminating multiple crewmates at once is a great way to increase your chances of winning. We believe that crowd kills are ideal, but that also means a lot of synchronization between you and the other impostors.

Be aware of cameras

Cameras are placed in various places all over the map. You always want to ensure that you check whether cameras are around. Because whenever cameras are active, that means someone is watching. So, it is possible that a crewmate can see you killing other crewmates and then will report you. Check for cameras around, and specifically check to see if they are active.

Use vents when possible

Vents are great because they will make it easy to move around at your own pace. The problem is that only impostors can use vents, which means crewmates will automatically know you are an impostor if they see you. Vents can be great, but you always want to use them only if there’s no one around or if the people around are impostors as well.


Whether you play as a crewmate or an impostor, these Among Us tips and tricks can be very helpful. They will make it easier to enhance your strategies and become much better at the game. Be aware that Among Us is a game of strategy, and usually, you need to stick together in order to win. Yet, at the same time, you also want to make the most out of the environmental features, too, if possible. Use these ideas and learn the maps, as you will find some great spots and strategies that will boost your chances of winning, no matter if you play as an impostor or crewmate!

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