Dropbox, which was initially introduced in 2007, is a highly helpful web service for synchronizing one’s files. It offers services that are free of charge in addition to paid services. The cost of using Dropbox, which include both Dropbox Pro and Dropbox for Business. In addition to the online client, it features client software that is compatible with a variety of operating systems.

Dropbox allows you to store all of your files and access them from a wide variety of different devices. Dropbox is the ideal location for storing images, videos, documents, and other types of things in a secure and safe environment. Large files can also be sent to recipients that do not have a Dropbox account on their end.


* Perform regular backups of your files.

* Do not include attachments when sending huge files through email.

* Use your mobile device to make changes to Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint

* Reopen documents precisely where you were last working on them.


Developer: Dropbox, Inc.

Price: free

Rating: 4.5

Available Version: 2.0.3

How to uninstall the application:

  1. Go into your settings
  2. Go into the Applications Manager
  3. Uninstall the Dropbox app by selecting it and clicking Uninstall.


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* Currently uploading the video. After you have determined how much space your Dropbox account is capable of holding, you can then upload the video to your Dropbox account. Since you are not the only one uploading the movie, you will need to exercise patience during this stage of the process.

* Viewing Video Content Via the Internet. In order to see the videos that you have uploaded to Dropbox, all you need is a computer that is capable of logging into the service. After you have created an account with Dropbox, you will have access to a list of the files and folders that have been saved.


First things first, I just want to let the developers of this software know that they did an incredible job creating it. It is very easy to use, has a beautiful appearance, and has a straightforward design. One difference between Google Drive and Dropbox is that Google Drive gives users 15 GB of free storage space, while Dropbox only provides 2 GB. Perhaps a slight improvement might be made available for the free version.

In any case, I use Dropbox more than any other service since I think it to be superior, but if Google Drive offers more free storage space, I may have to move to using that instead. My only suggestion for improvement would be to include some shortcuts. For instance, if I could store all of my files in a single enormous folder and then distribute them over multiple directories by creating shortcuts to the same file in the single enormous folder, that would be ideal. My music MP3s are stored on Dropbox; however, I am unable to organize them into separate folders without manually copying and pasting their contents, which would require twice as much space. If I had numerous folders, for instance, I could store my song in one folder and another, without having to increase the total amount of storage space. I would like for both of them to be able to point to the MP3 that is located in the large folder that contains all of my files, as I indicated earlier. This is the kind of thing that a lot of us, including myself, would appreciate having at our disposal. If you did this, you would unquestionably become superior to the services offered by other cloud storage providers. We are grateful that you created such a wonderful program for us to use.

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