Outlets Rush

Outlets Rush

Version: 2.594.524

Updated: July 22, 2023

Size: 98 MB


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Outlets Rush is a free-to-play retail mastery and strategy-building game that takes you on a rollercoaster journey of being the tycoon of a mega shopping city. In this game, you’re in charge of putting your strategic skills into practice and taking on the managerial role of constructing your personalized shopping city. With iconic stores consisting of marvelous products, such as shoes, clothes, bags, hats, and a lot more, you can start the next virtual retail shopping center to boast about amongst your friends. Outlets Rush is here to offer an immersive and magical experience as you transform small retail outlets into large shopping malls by managing everything from end to end.

The game tests you all in all by requiring you to build a dream team, ensure efficient management, and make important strategic decisions to be a successful retail tycoon — where you’re in charge of everything that happens. Effortlessly be the retail king by hiring staff and managing resources and enjoy the experience of seeing your mini outlets grow massively with your valuable managerial policies put into practice. Head over to experience the diverse world of retail management packed with unexpected surprises at each stage for having your own idle shopping mania with Outlets Rush!

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