Match Masters Walkthrough

If you love to face off your friends in any competitive match-3 games, try out Match Maters, where the ultimate goal is to score higher than your opponent by matching identical pieces and clearing the screen using boosters. Match Masters features a live tournament, allowing you to team up with friends. There are over 20 boosters available, and the game features several power-ups to make your gameplay awesome. Here’s an in-depth guide we’ve compiled for you to master the game.

Match Masters Walkthrough

Unlike many other Match-3 games, it features PvP mode wherein players from worldwide can compete against each other. It offers turn-based gameplay where players take their turn to match pieces on the board to score points. Furthermore, the controls are intuitive and can be used with the swipe of your finger. When playing, you must match three or more identical pieces; however, matching more than four pieces may help you create power-ups, including bombs and rockets. There are several game elements available, including:

  • Boosters: Designed to gain advantages on the board when activated. 
    • Rocket Booster: It removes a line of tiles. You can combine a rocket with the bomb for maximum effect.
    • Bomb Booster: Explodes an area of 3×3 tiles and causes a chain reaction often.
    • Super Tile Booster: This is responsible for converting a tile into a Super Tile that you can use to remove a massive area or all tiles of a specific color. We suggest you activate this at the end of the game to maximize its effect.
  • Stars and Points: You can collect Stars and Points by matching pieces and completing objectives assigned to you.
  • Unique Tiles: Match 4 or more identical pieces to make a particular tile holding a power-up for you to use during the game.

Match Masters – 3 Game Modes

Three different modes are featured to offer you exciting gameplay; however, your goal is the same – smash identical pieces to clear the board and score the highest points.

  • 1v1 Battles: Play against other players in one-on-one matches and score the highest points to win.
  • Tournaments: Participate in tournaments against several players and win the trophy.
  • Team Battles: Create a team and work together to score the highest combined points.

Work on Your Skills to Master Match Masters

Playing match-3 games is always fun because they come with relaxing sound effects, beautiful graphics, and effects. Some games have limited moves wherein you must clear the board to complete the level; otherwise, you fail. Similarly, some games have exciting features like blasting effects and colorful candies.

Find out Patterns in Potential Matches

To master the game, you should work on your pattern recognition skills, strategic planning, and adaptability. This is because it helps you learn the game fast and clear the board before anyone. Analyze the board on your screen to find opportunities to create unique tiles and chain reactions before your opponent. For that, practice is required in potential matches quickly.

Plan Your Moves

Keep yourself ahead and plan your moves to earn more points than your opponent. You can create unique tiles or try to make high-value matches for your next moves. It helps you get power-ups later in the match to score higher.

Change Your Strategy

Examine the layout of your board and try to be flexible, as it helps you adapt your strategy accordingly and helps you understand your opponent’s moves. Keep your tactics changing if your initial strategy fails or doesn’t work on the board.

Match Masters – The Best and Advanced Strategies

Boosters and Power-ups are essential, and using them randomly won’t be in your favor; therefore, you should decide when and how to use them wisely, as they can keep you away from crucial moments. Mixing boosters helps you stack up massive points and clear the board quickly.

Limit Your Opponent Moves

First of all, you should take control of the board and put a restriction on your opponent. There should not be many options available to create a special tile, and they should never let them activate their boosters.

Always keep your eyes on the center of the board because there are more opportunities to create unique tiles.

Work to Create Bombs and Rockets, Chain Reactions

As mentioned above, power-ups are essential, so you must aim to create rockets and bombs by matching four or more identical pieces if you would like to clear a massive section of the board.

Making a chain reaction will blow up the board quickly and help you win with less effort. If you created a particular tile, which is a bomb, then a part of the board will be blasted, and the space will fill up with upcoming pieces that may also create a special time and process continue for the creation of the following few tiles, but the chances are rare.

Learn About Boosters

There are two main categories of boosters: Starting Boosters and In-game Boosters. You are allowed to choose to start boosters and go with those that are in your favor and suit your play style. In-game boosters are created using unique tiles, and you must use them wisely to gain an upper hand.

Match Masters Game – Tips and Tricks for High Scores

We’ve compiled a list of the Match Masters Best Tips and Tricks and Booster Strategies to help you easily dominate the board.

  • First, you should work on your move to get the maximum output from each turn; focus on high-value matches and tile creations.
  • We won’t suggest random swiping because every move you use has a special purpose of bringing your opponent down.
  • Find a particular area on the board that can help you earn extra points and bonuses.
  • There are a few objectives, so you should prioritize those moves that can achieve tasks while aiming for high matches.
  • Quick Reflexes and Timing assume a vital role. You shouldn’t spend too much time on your move. Instead, finding a balance between strategy and speed would favor you.
  • Similarly, quick reflexes may give you extra turns and opportunities in time-based matches.
  • You should learn from your opponent’s gameplay, strategies, and moves when playing the game. Change your tactics accordingly to win the matches.

You can use these strategies and tips to enhance your skills, achieve high points, and have fun!

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