PUBG MOBILE is an exceptional, very fast-paced battle royale game with millions of players. If you want to win when playing this game, then you have to improve your skill while also streamlining how you play. If you want some great, helpful PUBG MOBILE tips and tricks, read below and start implementing these ideas!

Learn the maps

In order to become a pro at PUBG MOBILE one must know the maps very well, especially where to land. Each landing zone has its unique loot distribution, so some have better than others.

Play with the audio at a higher level

The reason for this is because audio cues are very important in PUBG MOBILE. You want to learn where those people are coming from and prepare for their attack. Or you can even take people by surprise if you stay camouflaged and out of sight.

Make looting a priority in the beginning

In order to win in PUBG MOBILE, you will need the best loot. At first, many people try to kill others. What you should do ideally is try and get the best loot possible, because this will make it easier for you to survive. Once you have a lot of it, then taking from other players becomes possible too.

Experiment with weapons

Some of the pro PUBG MOBILE players tend to have their favorite loadout. That’s what you should do, too. Experiment with weapons and see which ones fit your play style. And based on that, you create your favorite loadout. Of course, you can’t always find the same, best weapons all the time. Having 3 different loadouts will make it easier to cycle through and still improve your chances of survival.

Speaking of weapons, you also want to have weapons with different functions. For example, the m416 is great for long-range attacks. However, if you need a weapon for close-quarter combat, the UMP is usually the better option.

Learn how to improve your aim!

The best players tend to use Hold for scoping, and they also use a 4-finger control layout along with the gyroscope. Go into practice and constantly try to improve your reaction times while maintaining a steady aim. It’s something that will take quite a bit of time to get better at, but consistent practice will certainly deliver those results.

Know when to retreat

That’s the problem with a lot of players: when they see someone, they immediately engage in combat. However, the truth is that in PUBG MOBILE, you sometimes need to lay low. Some players might have better loot or even better aim than you. In those cases, your chances of survival are minimal. It makes a lot of sense to avoid those encounters and instead retreat if necessary. Retreating is a strategic approach, not a coward’s move. Remember, you need to be the last man standing, and knowing how to strategize will get you one step closer to that goal.

Move using cover

A very helpful PUBG MOBILE tip is only to move using any cover available. If you move in an open field, enemies can see you, and you’re an open target. But when you move only via using cover, it’s a lot harder for anyone to attack you. That’s why cover-based moving is a great idea because it keeps you safe. Yes, it’s slower, but it serves a purpose.

Stick around your team!

The top players in PUBG MOBILE always work as a team. Communicate with your team and also don’t leave them randomly on the map. Staying together will always increase your chances of staying alive in the game and winning that chicken dinner at the end. However, if you do your own thing and leave them hanging, they will not be as powerful when they encounter other players.

Activate Autorun

Autorun is specific to PUBG MOBILE and it can help you travel over long distances. For example, if you’re at the edge of the map or in an area without anyone around, it makes sense just to have autorun enabled in order to avoid pressing the movement buttons. You activate autorun by pressing and holding your thumb, then moving to the desired position on the map. Release your thumb, and autorun is enabled.

These PUBG MOBILE tips and tricks are perfect, if you’re looking to up your game. PUBG MOBILE is one of those games where precision and strategy are key. However, as with anything else in life, practice makes perfect, so keep grinding away at these strategies until they become second nature! Start implementing these tips now, along with experimenting different loadouts as well as attack styles–you’ll be surefire success before long!!

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