Subway Princess Runner Walkthrough

Several Endless Runner games are available, but the most popular are Subway Surfer and Temple Run. Similarly, Subway Princess Runner is also a good option, offering you exciting gameplay where you can control a character through subway tracks while collecting coins and avoiding obstacles. The colorful and vivid graphics will keep you engaged for hours of fun.

However, intuitive controls are easy to understand. Several events introduced such as Daily Highscore, Crazy Runner or Team Battle will keep the player engaged for long time. In addition we compiled guide “Subway Princess Runner Game Walkthrough” which will help you learn best strategies skills tips how survive longer!

Subway Princess Runner Walkthrough

It begins with a character running automatically, and your ultimate job is to dodge obstacles when collecting power-ups and coins. The character is controlled using swipes, and with the swipe of your finger, it moves accordingly. Swiping left may help the character change lanes, swiping up will help it jump over obstacles, and swinging down may perform a slide under barriers.

Learn about Power-ups

After learning about controls, knowing about power-ups would help you run longer. The three most prominent power-ups are the following:

  • Magnet: Whenever you collect Magnet Power-up, it will attract coins nearby toward you without touching them. So, whenever you see Magnet Power-up, never miss it out.
  • 2x Multiplier: You can use this to double your scores for a limited time.
  • Jetpack: It is designed to fly you above the tracks and collect many coins stacked in a line.

Types of Obstacles

Several types of obstacles include Trains, Barriers, and other tracks. Your ultimate job is to avoid obstacles and run longer to score higher. Timely movement is the key to success; therefore, you should be fast, avoid obstacles on time, and keep collecting power-ups to score high. During gameplay, show your quick reflexes and plan your next move instead of reacting at the last second.

Here’s the Best Skill Development

Be Quick

Quick reflexes are vital if you are planning to Subway Princess Runner. So, we suggest you keep practising quick swipes and avoid upcoming obstacles in a timely manner. There’s a simple rule – the more you play the game, the more you learn about it, and the better your reflexes will become.

Learn the Pattern

In mobile games like Subway Surfers, you might have noticed obstacles and hurdles appear in a particular pattern. So, you need to memorize these obstacle patterns to make your gameplay awesome. Memorizing the patterns may help you predict what lies ahead and may help you prepare yourself for your next move.

Play Regularly

After quick reflexes and pattern recognition, consistency is the third most crucial skill. Yes, playing the Subway Princess Runner game regularly will improve your skills and help you score higher.

Note: At the start, you should focus on consistency rather than making high scores initially.

Subway Princess Runner Game – Advanced Strategies

Indeed, you will obtain several power-ups when playing the game, which will be added to your inventory for later use. Instead of using them randomly, you must bring them out whenever needed.

Making use of Power-ups

 Therefore, professional gamers said using power-ups wisely is the key to success in endless games. Here, I suggest you save power-ups and use them when they are in your favor of giving the max benefit. Let’s support you. If you are in an area fully loaded with coins, use Magnet the Magnet.

Similarly, there’s another option that helps you get max score boosts. Like, you can combine power-ups and see the magic. At a time, you can use the Jetpack and the Magnet to earn double. Similarly, Magnet and 2x Multiplier are also used for score boosts.

Your Character in the Center lane

In Endless Games, no one knows in which lane obstacles will appear. It would be difficult for everyone moving on the right side, but they need to switch to the left lane because both center and the right lanes contain obstacles. Therefore, we suggest you keep yourself in the center lane as it gives you more flexibility to move right or left fast.

Don’t forget to Upgrade Power-ups and Characters

Upgrading power-ups and characters will enhance their powers and make them more effective. For upgradation, you need coins you collected throughout your running. There are different characters featured, each with unique attributes and abilities. You should prefer one that suits your play style.

Daily Challenges and Missions

You should focus on completing daily challenges and missions for substantial rewards as they reward you with some extra coins and power-ups. Daily Challenges are designed to help you claim extra rewards and unlock additional goals to achieve.

Learn About Headstars and Hoverboards

Hoverboards are my favorite item in Subway Princess Runner game as they have an extra life. If you use a hoverboard and collide with an obstacle or a train, you continue the game without any loss. Similarly, headstars are designed to give you an early boost in your run. This makes the gameplay easier and lets you achieve high scores.

Best Tips and Tricks for High Scores in Subway Princess Runner Game

Your primary focus should be collecting coins throughout the track, and the best time is when you have a 2x multiplier and Magnet active. Similarly, you should have in-game knowledge about power-ups, boosters, and keys.

Don’t waste your coins, as they may be used most when needed. Therefore, keep collecting coins and keys to use during difficult times. Survive longer by using boosters and keep yourself in high places to detect hurdles in a timely and overcome them. Runner and achieve higher scores. So, keep practising regularly and have fun.

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